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Grafa Speranskogo Square

From the hotel: 15 minutes

The name "Grafa Speranskogo Square" hides the main square of Irkutsk, which cannot but surprise the guests of the city. It is located in the historical center, between Lenin and Sukhbaatar Streets.

When Irkutsk was just being built, there was a pond in this place, gradually the pond bloomed, later it was filled in and a shopping area appeared in its place.

Previously, the main square of the city was called Tikhvinskaya, in honor of the Tikhvin Church, which was erected in 1706-1708. Now the Vostsibugl building stands here. The church got its name thanks to the Tikhvin icon, which was brought from the city of Tikhvin, Leningrad region.

Previously, the great Kazan Cathedral was located on the site of the administration building, in memory of which a chapel was consecrated in 2000. Irkutsk Cathedral was one of the largest religious buildings in Russia. In Soviet times, both the Cathedral and the Tikhvin Church were destroyed, and the square was renamed the Kirov Square.

The main square of the city has been renamed several times, at different times it was called: Kremlevskaya, Spasskaya, Bogorodskaya, Tikhvin. Now the square is surrounded by: Linguistic University, the Irkutskenergo building, the Angara Hotel, right in the center is the administration building of the Irkutsk region.

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